Agriculture Marketing

You may have a regenerative farm or business and feel as if you need help in connecting to customers, promoting your business, messages or mission sustainably.  I have worked in Marketing Advertising and Media for over twenty years and want nothing more than to help people like you with my skills. I have a deep desire to disrupt the disrupters who close Main Street, absorb small farms and suck important life-giving funds and talents out of communities including the exploitation of the workforce. This is because i believe in community, I believe in buying local and I believe in resiliency for all people! If you have a product or service that is environmentally friendly, enriches the lives of your customers and is fair to your employees, we’d be a great fit.

Services Include:

  • Advertising & Content Marketing
    • Generate content that engages with your audience, builds the movement and brings you to the top of mind as a thought leader
    • This can include blog, print, video content and other PR efforts
  • Marketing channels evaluation and optimization
    • Discover what you are actually generating in revenue and how to maximize
    • Uncover elusive high-end regenerative product sales opportunities
  • Stacked function and niche analysis
    • What are your opportunities in the local market given your resources?
    • What can be value-added or discovered within your production chain that can increase your business opportunity?
  • Relationship marketing including social media and on-farm/community events
    • Create an online audience and build a tangible customer community through online content offerings and in-person cultural events

Forest Garden Design/Consultation

Plant a garden the way nature does, but carefully consider the landscape before doing so.  With Forest Garden Design, we imagine what nature would do in 20 or 30 years and speed up the process a bit planting perennials that benefit each other (and you!) in the same places.  We take into account natural forms and systems that assist the establishment of such a garden and provide for self-sufficiency (minimal maintenance.)  At Forest Ranch Regenerative, we heavily lean on native plants in order to design these.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 2.06.49 PM
Detailed Design Schematic

We incorporate permaculture principals into our design, working with nature instead of against it.  We enjoy the idea of using materials that can be found or obtained inexpensively.

We can plan, draft, and create your step by step plan and resource list to accomplish a beautiful and abundant forest garden.

What you get:

  1. Observation/Interview
  2. Lovely logbook for longer-term observation
  3. Property evaluation (includes plant census)
  4. Goal-articulation report/discussion
  5. Forest Garden Design/Plan
  6. Cost estimate and plant/materials list with local sources


We charge by the square footage of the design (tiers) for the design phase with a base package price for the other work. Price tiers are under 1,000 square feet, 1,000-2,500 square feet and farm-scale.

Please note that we do not install your forest garden but have trusted associates that can help you. 


Biodynamic Farm & Garden Planning/Implementation

Healthy soil and plants are more resistant to pests and disease.  Biodynamics creates healthy soil and plants benefitting livestock and wildlife. Launched in the 1940s amidst extremely poor soil and propagation outcomes, biodynamics is a form of farming that incorporates science, practice and spiritual components to heal and regenerate the land.  It is founded on the idea of the “farm organism” which is the idea of first seeing the land as a whole and eliminating inputs to near-zero with a step-by-step plan.

The practice of biodynamics includes making, preparing and applying various preparations on gardens and fields at precise times.  It can also be used to gradually reduce pests and invasives.  Over time, you will see and feel the difference, your special area will shine with a bright light.

In regards to output value:

While healing the soil can often be a purely empathetic practice, it also is preferable to people who buy food and share your values.  After almost a century, Biodynamic products are finally showing up in grocery stores and farmers markets around the world.  They can be priced accordingly because of the high-value method of growing and it’s positive environmental impact but also the high-quality and nutrient density of the foods.

Biodynamics has extraordinary value to our planet and to the people who eat biodynamic foods but it takes work. I’m here to help:


  • Observation/Interview
  • Base plan/schedule
  • Spraying of (ALL NATURAL) Biodynamic preparations on property.
  • Preventative applications for insects/invasives
  • Orchard painting with tree paste


  • Observation/Interview
  • Base plan/schedule
  • Spraying of biodynamic preparations.
  • Composting Operation Development (ON ANY SCALE!)
  • Preventative applications for insects/invasives
  • Orchard painting with tree paste


  • Observation/Interview
  • Base plan/schedule
  • Initial spraying of biodynamic 500/501
  • A comprehensive plan to eliminate farm inputs and see/identify farm organism components.
  • Develop livestock plan
  • Develop composting
  • Crafting Biodynamic Preparations on property
  • Preventative applications for insects/invasives
  • Orchard painting with tree paste

Don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good! Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can!